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Earth Quest - Earth Medicine not a read cover cover book but was completely spot on with me I read from my mother s copy and may just have to get one for my own use Definately insightful for the open mind. Very good and interesting could use a change in format More of a reference book than a read cover to cover type, yet it is not set up for information to be easily accessable Worth the time if you re interested and willing to commit. Learn To Walk The Wheel Of Life In Time With The Rhythms Of The Earth Discover Who You Are And Your Primary Purpose In Life. Good reading this book stretched my brain as I tried to wrap my mind around some of the initial chapters I particularly liked Part Two of the book that focuses upon the twelve birth totems and the corresponding personality expressions. I skipped much of the new age stuff that seems designed to appeal to people who hate our culture s values and effects without wanting to give up its comforts and freedoms Aside from that, it s the most accurate kind of astrology I ve ever come across. I don t care about anything having to do with personality types or astrology, but I still give this book three stars because there were a lot of interesting things in there that provided me withinsights about the stuff that was in the other book. Fantastic book A college friend had it and we all did our birthdays and it described all of us perfectly at the time I pull it out from time to time and friends get a kick out of reading about themselves. This is a volume that has a lot of good information for those wanting to practice or knowabout natural healing in the Native American belief system. I love this book as it explores the zodiac through Native American teachings Kenneth Meadows is clearly one with human, plant, animal, and spirit life While great for picking up for reference, this book is not an I read Earth Medicine quickly, eagerly,while those who were around me asked questions, laughed, reflected and flipped through as well II will be purchasing a copy of this for my home library, as I found many resonancies and synchronicities I already copied down 18 pa

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