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Love Is a Four Letter Word Laura Ha Trentatr Anni E Una Convinzione Basta Con Quella Parola Checomincia Per A Per Quella Semplice Parola Di Cinque Lettere Ha Gi Sofferto Troppo, E Non Disposta A Sentirla O A Pronunciarla Una Volta Di Pi.Cos Quando Lascia Londra Per Cambiare Citt E Lavoro, Comincia La Sua Nuovavita Con Quest Unico E Fermo Proposito E Niente Potr Dissuaderla O Almeno,cos Crede

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    A real page turner, I prised my eyes open one night to finish it off as I couldn t wait to find out what would happen Bella, the main character of the book is so likeable, and you find yourself really caring about what happens to her.There s a little twist in it part way through when you find ou...

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    Tutti hanno a che fare con la tragedia nelle loro vite Dopo la morte del suo fidanzato, Bella inizia una nuova vita Questo quando incontra Will Capisco che sia triste ma questo non significa che tu possa essere cattivo Era molto egoista e spericolata Will adorabile e carino stato divertente ma questo libro non faceva per me.Everyone deals with tragedy After the de

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    Honestly, one of my new favourite books I don t think this is given the credit it deserves I love how the chapters aren t too long and I d end up reading 8 chapters a night I didn t want to put it down so sad when i finished it i wish there was a series to follow Bella s life with the people...

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    Genuinely enjoyed this book, the character dialogue is very witty had me laughing aloud in parts I salvaged the book from a collection destined for the charity shop, largely because the authors names starting with the same letter earned me a reading challenge tick I m v...

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    Didn t grab me at first but had me engrossed by the end.

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    Cuando terminaba de leer este libro le dije a Agus que no era realmente la p rdida lo que hab a conectado con el personaje sino la relaci n con su madre.Me daba ternura encontrar entre las hojas al padre tratando de aliviar la relaci n entre su esposa y su hija mientras que Bella iba por ah creyendo que su madre no la quer a Tal vez es algo general para todas las hijas tener una rela

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    This book is chic lit I don t often read chic lit but this was actually quite a good read.Bella is single and about to lose the plot when she decides to buy a house in a small town and reinvent her life as they do in these kinds of books.Inevitably her dislike for the idea of love is changed when she meets a fabulous man and the usual come here go away stuff of this genre happens.But in a

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    I d give it 3.75 stars Not quite 4, but I really loved the ending so I added a 0.25 bonus review coming soon I loved how I could relate to the protagonist I felt a deep connection with her, probably because I am so similar...

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    Niet slecht geschreven maar origineel is het niet Personages zijn allemaal even gevat en natuurlijk is het meisje start nieuw leven na verlies maar wil gewoon een man, leert een man kennen, grote liefde, het raakt uit, ze vinden elkaar terug Moet ik hier een spoi...

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    I seem to be picking tear jerkers this week I really, really liked this book I liked the way the author leaves you to wonder for a bit what happened to Bella s previous relationship, I love that Will is attractive, but not some Adonis and I love that Bella was a character that was down t...

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