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Middleware and Cloud Computing Finally, The Ebook Edition Of The Independent Oracle Cloud And Middleware Bestseller An Elaborate Conversion Of The Printed Edition With Than Than 100 Tables And Color Figures As Well As Than 100 Clickable Links To Cloud Resources.Middleware And Cloud Computing An Introduction To Cloud Computing And Oracle Middleware On Web Services AWS ,Rackspace Cloud And The RightScale Cloud Management Platform Introduction To Cloud Computing Why The Existing Definitions Aren T Good Enough Web Services Using EC2 Instances, Creating Your Own Customized Images, File Systems, Linux, Command Line And Tools Rackspace Cloud Rackspace Cloud Server And Rackspace Cloud Files For Windows And Linux, REST API, Limelight Content Distribution Network SOA And Oracle Fusion Middleware WebLogic Server, Service Bus, Oracle BPM WebCenter, Oracle Service Registry, Oracle Enterprise Repository Designing For The Cloud Design Principles, IaaS Platform Choice, AMI Design, Oracle Architecture Blueprint Cloud Databases Oracle Database AMIs, AWS SimpleDB, AWS Relational Database Service RDS , WebLogic With RDS, Multi Data Sources Cloud Management Distributed Domains, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Licensing, RightScale Cloud Management Availability Clustering, Distributed JMS, Whole Server Migration, AWS Simple Queue Service, Overload Protection Scalability AWS Auto Scaling, HAProxy, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, CDNs And AWS CloudFront Monitoring AWS Simple Notification Service SNS , AWS CloudWatch Oracle VM Oracle VM Templates On EC2, WebLogic Virtual Edition, Virtual Box This Book Contains All The New And Cool AWS Stuff Oracle VM Templates On EC2, Free Micro Instances, Free Cloud Watch Monitoring, Tags, S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage, EBS Backed AMIs, Database Read Replicas And Multi Availability Zone Instances, Simple Notification Service SNS , Simple Queue Service SQS , Auto Scaling, The Brand New Linux And Much, Much

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