Read ➭ ValueTale 41 Volume Set (ValueTales ~ Value Tales Multiple Book Set, 41 of 43) Author Spencer Johnson –

ValueTale 41 Volume Set (ValueTales ~ Value Tales Multiple Book Set, 41 of 43) Reading ValueTale 41 Volume Set ValueTales Value Tales Multiple Book Set, 41 Of 43 Author Spencer Johnson ValueTales Are Written In Fairy Tale Language And Are Based On True Events In The Lives Of Real Men Women From Various Countries And Different Historical Times, Illustrating How Timeless Values Can Help Anyone Living In Any Culture They Present Real Life Role Models In A Fun Way That Encourage Children To Choose The Timeless Values They Want For Themselves, And To Discover How They Can Be Happier And Successful Too Just Like The Stories Heroes And Heroines From History Younger Children, Who Are Just Beginning To Form Their Values, Enjoy Having The Books Read To Them Older Children Who Are Choosing Their Own Values, Like To Read The Tales On Their Own.1 Addams, Jane Friendship2 Anderson, Hans Christian Fantasy3 Appleseed, Johnny Love4 Beethoven Giving5 Bell, Alexander Graham Discipline6 Bly, Nellie Fairness7 Bunche, Ralph Responsibility8 Cochise Truth And Trust9 Columbus, Christopher Curiosity10 Confucius Honesty11 Cook, Captain Boldness12 Curie, Marie Learning13 Dickens, Charles Imagination14 Edison, Thomas Creativity15 Fox, Terry Facing A Challenge16 Franklin, Benjamin Saving17 Fry, Elizabeth Kindness18 Jefferson, Thomas Foresight19 Keller, Helen Determination20 Lincoln, Abraham Respect21 Mayo Brothers Sharing22 Mead, Margaret Understanding23 Pasteur, Louis Believing In Yourself24 Robinson, Jackie Courage25 Rogers, Will Humor26 Roosevelt, Eleanor Caring27 Sacagawea Adventure28 Schweitzer, Albert Dedication29 Tubman, Harriet Helping30 Wright Brothers PatienceHTF 31 Churchill, Winston Leadership32 Leger, Paul Charity33 Nightingale, Florence CompassionScarce 34 Ashe, Arthur Dignity35 Ball, Lucille Laughter36 Chavez, Cesar Conviction37 Henson, Jim Imagination38 Landon, Michael Positive Attitude39 Mother Teresa HumilityRare 40 Rudolph, Wilma Overcoming Adversity41 Richard, Maurice Tenancity

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