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Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee On A Winter Morning In London S East End, The Locals Are Confronted With The Sight Of A White Horse Skidding Through The Sooty Snow, Carrying What Looks Like A Christmas Tree On Its Back It Turns Out To Be A Man Covered In Tinsel, With A Cartoon Size Turban On His Head Entrepreneur Deepak Is On His Way To Get Married As He Trudges Along, He Consoles Himself With The Thought Of Marrying Chila, A Nice Punjabi Girl A Choice Which Has Delighted His Surprised Parents Does Not Mean He Needs To Become His Father, Grow Nostril Hair Or Wear Pastel Coloured Leisure Wear.LIFE ISN T ALL HA HA HEE HEE Is The Story Of Deepak S Bride, The Childlike Chila, And Her Two Childhood Friends Sunita, The Former Activist Law Student, Now An Overweight, Depressed Housewife, And The Chic Tanja, Who Has Rejected Marriage In Favour Of A High Powered Career In Television A Hilarious, Thoughtful And Moving Novel About Friendship, Marriage And Betrayal, It Focuses On The Difficult Choices Contemporary Women Have To Make, Whether Or Not They Happen To Have Been Raised In The Asian Community.

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    I didn t write a review before, but reading others I felt I had to respond I thought it was a bit offensive that people labeled this light just because it s about women s lives does

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    .and neither is this book Entertaining in it s way, but it does feel somewhat like Meera Syal is treading water with this one particularly in comparison to it s predecessor Anita Me.

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    A greatly enjoyable and engrossing read, set in London s East End, telling the stories of young women from Punjabi backgrounds.Each individual has a dilemma, and her story is linked to another member o

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    I see a little bit of myself in each of the three main characters My friends from class assumed that Tania would be my Punjabi alter ego Features that stand out from other Asian girls, Westernized attitude, etc

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    my first south asian diaspora type novel i was hooked and intrigued by reading about anything close to my own experience looking back, i still think it was a great story about 4 women and the development of their adult re

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    A good piece of chick lit Nice to read after you get through something heavy in my case i was reading a lot about child soldiers in africa, i needed something light Also Sayal has a perfect, razor sharp, witty writing style I am al

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    An interesting read portraying the journey of three British Asian girls as they battle with the sense of not belonging to either culture, never fitting in with either At times I felt I could relate to their hardships, despite feeling that th

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    Recommended to me by my sister, I ended up really liking this book for a number of reasons Firstly, it s written by Meera Syal who you may know from Goodness Gracious Me or any number of the other things she s contributed to So needless to say there s

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    I sort of expected this book to be funnier as most of its reviews said that it was hilarious However, even though the story wasn t as funny as I expected, the story eas extremely touching It is an emotional novel, and you might find yourself feeling genuinely a

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    Disappointingly bad chick lit and I don t like chick lit at the best of times so as was expecting something better from Syal Unfortunately reminiscent of Sari and Sins No interest in any of the 2D characters, I think the time has come to give up on books I m not enjoyin

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