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She Knows His Secrets One Of Them Is That She Has To DieWithin Hours Of Finding A Nazi WWII Codebook In Her Father S Attic, Librarian Sara Fischer Becomes A Target Afraid For Her Life, And Chilled By Memories That Have Nothing To Do With Her Quiet, Staid Life, Sara Calls In A Debt FBI Agent Marc Bayard Moves In The Shadowy World That Sara Has Fallen Into And May Be The Only One Who Can Guide Her OutIn A Race To Reveal The Secrets Of A Nazi Code, Sara And Bayard Are Catapulted Into The Cutthroat World Of International Intrigue And Oil Politics Sara Wants To Believe She Is Than A Means To An End For Bayard And With History Repeating Itself, She Is Aware That This Time Their Survival Depends On Whether Or Not They Are Able To See Through The Mistakes Of Their Past Blind Instinct

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk, she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years, not eight, before Fiona wrote her first award winning novel.She has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice, one of her novels was listed by Romantic Times as one of their all time top two hundred favorite romance books and she has been featured in Next and She magazines Fiona lives in a subtropical South Seas paradise called the Bay of Islands with her two sons.

10 thoughts on “Blind Instinct

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    I had no idea what the hell was going on in this book Probably because it is part three in a trilogybut the edition I had made no mention whatsoever of this fact Not on the front or back cover in any case It wasn t until I read the author s acknowledgements after the book was over that I was clued in Pretty shifty There s a Nazi

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    Eh I feel guilty about this book The primary reason being that I got almost three quarters of the way through it and couldn t finish it I tried to pin down exactly why this book wasn t working for me which is why I kept going with it , but I just can t, and that troubles me I have read a few of Fiona Brand s books before, when she

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    This conclusion of the trilogy featuring the Shreveport, Louisiana Fischer family was good Unfortunately, the biggest secret, revealed near the end, was something that was obvious, at least to me, from the beginning of the trilogy once the key characters were introduced Also, I felt that the villains in this story were treated lightly

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    In Fiona Brands Blind Instinct , she brings together the final installment to date , of her previous works, Double Vision and Killer Focus Although convoluted in nature the plot is intriguing and suspenseful, the characters rich in detail With the explicit description of former SS personal during World War II, it brings to life individua

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    The final of a trilogy about a Nazi cabal and its connection to a Colombian cartel and the people working to take down both organizations In this one, the main characters discover that they knew each other in the past and they knew Reichmann, the creator of the cabal.

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    I made it through This really wasn t my cup of tea, and I doubt I would ever read anything by this author again.

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    3.5 stars

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    Been accidentally reading a bunch of romance novels with a WWII theme This was heavier on action intrigue and light on romance.

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