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There’s A Devil Watching Over You EPUB There S A Devil Watching Over You Marc Turner Pembspm.co.uk Free Original Story Novelette.With When The Heavens Fall Set For Release In May, Author Marc Turner Sets The Stage For His Epic Fantasy Debut In There S A Devil Watching Over You, A Short Story Set In The Turbulent World Of The Novel.Safiya And Her Fellow Bandits Thought They Had Found An Easy Mark, But They Quickly Learned That They Picked The Worst Possible Victim Now Luker Essendar, One Of The Warrior Guardians Of Erin Elal, Is After Them, And His Relentless Pursuit Is Driving The Bandits Toward An Abandoned Fort One That Appears Strewn With Evidence Of A Terrible Battle But Nothing Is Exactly As It Seems The Story Has Also Been Narrated By Emma Newman You Can Listen To It Free Here

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews Free novelette from Marc Turner, author of When the Heavens Fall.A group of bandits find themselves turned from predators into prey when their intended victim turns out to be a Guardian of Erin Elal Fleeing through the dark f

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    A ten minute short story about luckless bandit Safiya dealing with than she can handle when her crew tries to rob an ex Guardian, who himself, is on a hunting mission Story itself serves as a glance to one of Lurker s side missions, it doesn ...

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    After reading Marc Turner s The Greater of Two Evils from Evil is a Matter of Perspective I knew I should bump his books up It was one of best short stories that I ve ever read He Brought every aspect of writing a short story to perfection, and it was lots of fun with water mages in the high se

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    4.5 StarsWhen I saw that there was a short story available for free set in the same universe as Marc Turner s Chronicles of the Exile series I jumped at the chance to read about the incredible world he created This short story didn t disappoint, offering a brief but entertaining look at one of my favori

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    Read all my reviews on 4 months till the next book Earlier this year I read the debut and first book in a new fantasy series by Marc Turner It was only after I almost finished the book that I realized how much I d come to like it You can find my thoughts and review here.Together with the book was release

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    So I recently finished reading Dragon Hunters , and I ve realised I m now kind of hooked on Marc Turner s Chronicles of the Exile To postpone the inevitable withdrawal symptoms at least until book 3 comes out in September I thought I d check out this short story, which is available for free on the author s website as well a

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    3 stars.A good short story Not great as an introduction to the world or the characters from When The Heaven Falls , but I liked the writing style and I will definitely read the book.

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    I am always wary of reading short tie in stories set in the world of previously published book sagas They are often not as good, or they require reading the saga to really appreciate them In this case, I was proven wrong I did enjoy the story without not knowing anything about Turner s Haven s Fall universe.This is the story of Safiya and her

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    While this short didn t expose a lot about Turner s world, it showed me enough by the end to gain my interest for the series I look forward to reading When The Heavens Fall and seeing where these ideas progress, and maybe where they originated.I think readers who are already familia...

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    Read this ahead of the two main novels which I picked up a while ago.It s a short story with a nice sense of place and person the action is a bit vague but the magic seems interesting, as far as that goes.Not a lot to it, but it is a free short story so I suppose there doesn t need to be.

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