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One Knight To Capture Her Heart Alinor Of Claverstock Takes Her Life In Her Hands When She Rescues Bianca D Attalens From Her Stepmother S Evil Clutches But When Alinor Encounters Bianca S Handsome Brother, Guilhem, Duc D Attalens, It S Not Just Her Life That S In Danger Alinor Finds Herself Powerless To Resist Guilhem And Is Soon Caught Up In A Perilous Web Of Intrigue And Forbidden Attraction An Attraction That Heightens When They Are Sent Together Into Enemy Territory Commanded by the French Duke

About the Author: Meriel Fuller

Meriel Fuller spent her early childhood with her nose buried in books After school, she would walk to the town library where her mother was head librarian and happily read her way through the historical romance section Her love of the past comes from her father, a keen amateur historian who took Meriel and her sister on long hikes searching for ruined castles and medieval villages.Meriel went on to study English literature at Edinburgh University where she met her husband who was, literally, her knight in shining armor Breaking her ankle at a party, her future husband gallantly carried her to the hospital and kept her company as her foot was put into plaster Eight years after they first met, they were married in rural Dorset Although Meriel has written as a hobby throughout her life, it was only when her youngest child was a toddler that she decided to write a historical romance She was thrilled when Harlequin told her that her manuscript would be published a real dream come true

10 thoughts on “Commanded by the French Duke

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    NOPE DNF, pg 91.Please understand I m reluctant to complain about dialogue sounding too modern I hate reading historicals where the characters converse with stilted, wooden dialect that sounds like old timey robots indeed, I often prefer medievals where the conversations feel natural informal, not forced into the author s idea of

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The plot seemed interesting enough at first glance and being the sucker I am for historicals of all varieties I dove in I kind of wish I hadn t.The book wasn t bad, at least not outright It was pretty ok in the beginning, a bit confusing if I m honest wit

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    Just overwhelmingly meh The synopsis made this sound like an exciting story, but even though stuff happened, it was boring instead of entertaining Part of the issue was that the heroine spent most of the time throwing tantrums instead of actually doing anything It also seemed to suffer from plotting issues At around chapter 12 I was won

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    A broken axel on a narrow bridge put Lady Alinor of Claverstock and her cartload of abbey grain right in the path of the formidable Guilhem, Duc d Attalins Lady Alinor is not one to back down from a challenge, whether working at the nunnery, nursing the sick, or defending the abbey s grain against Prince Edward s soldiers Mastering her fee

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    A good story with a likeable hero and heroine Guilhem was strong and honourable and Alinor was courageous and loyal, even prepared to protect her friends in the face of impossible odds Prince Edward s display of violence towards the heroine was a little disturbing but I suppose it was in keeping with what is known of the Prince s sometimes sh

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    Non del tutto risolto La cosa pi divertente stata capire come mai i sovrani Enrico ed Eleonora avevano un figlio ed erede di nome Edoardo E questo perch , senza guardare le date, pensavo ad Enrico II ed Eleonora d Aquitania, ma naturalmente bastata una ricerca su Google per risolvere il problema.L inizio del romanzo molto efficace perch Alinor s

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    Horrible Just horrible Incredible lack of characterization Current day language in the mouths of medieval people I finished it by skimming because I just couldn t stand it The ending was abrupt and I didn t realize for a moment that it had in fact ended Just ugh

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    It was okay Some parts moved along pretty well Some parts were lacking Not too crazy about the dialogue.

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    Passionate, poignant and pleasing best describe Fuller s newest medieval romance RT Book Reviews.

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