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The Ordeal of Fire Smith s writing is very pretty It is eloquent and sophisticated, something I would expect to see from a seasoned published author It reminds me of the works of Mercedes Lackey, one of my personal favorite authors See the e Prester John Dominates The Known World Total Loyalty Is Demanded Disobedience Is Punished By Death.Elowen Aubyn Has Reached The Sanctuary Of The Illuminati There She Is Safeor So She Believed For Soon, Betrayal And Tragedy Plunges Elowen Into A Desperate And Deadly Quest To Discover The Four Mysteries, Ancient Artefacts Of Great Power.With A Small Band Of Friends, Elowen Travels Across Dangerous Lands, Encountering Terrifying Creatures And Ruthless Enemies And She Must Confront Her Deepest Fear, And Uncover A Shocking Secret That Will Change Her LifeThe Second Part Of An Epic Fantasy Saga, The Ordeal Of Fire Takes The Reader On A Journey Of Magic, Intrigue And Daring Escapes. Full review is available on my blog book basically continues the adventures of Elowen Aubyn, who is forced to undertake a new quest to discover the Four Mysteries, ancient artifacts that hold the key to finding the Tree of Life and defeating Prester John Along this journey she meets slave traders, kings, strange creatures and uncovers several secrets that will change her life forever In addition to this, we also get to read about what has happened to both Bo and Black Francis in their own attempts to undermine Prester John.I have to admit that I enjoyed the first book than this one, it did feel at times like it was being used to create scenarios and provide information that will be needed for the third novel However, I did still enjoy The Ordeal of Fire as there was intrigue, adventure and action throughout the book.Smith continues to expand upon the very varied world and characters he had created which enhances the reader s unde The Ordeal of Fire is Steven Smith s second book in the Tree of Life trilogy Elowen and her companions continue with a variety of quests Elowen and Diggory had found respite with the Illuminati, and both were being taught and trained by masters Elowen is chosen to by one of the Illuminati leaders to join with several other students for a special task to obtain the four elements or mysteries However the love of power causes one Illuminati leader to betray all others and puts Elowen in a tenuous situation She realizes her mistake in being guiled by soft words too late and watches as the Illuminati are literally destroyed from within and finally by the Redeemers Elowen, Diggory and Larwita are forced to flee and suffer imprisonment, beatings, and Elowen is branded a witch by a church leader after failing the ordeal of fire and is to be executed But she escapes She befriends many along the way, including an Orok that was with the Illuminati, Arigh Nasan She learns of her mother s history and ultimately realizes that she doesn t have to follow the same path While Elowen searches for the first mystery and deals with Lord Lucien, Prince Asbjorn is dealing with his own set of trials Black Fra I found the first book of this trilogy, The Map of the Known World, as a free ebook on Lulu a few years ago and read and enjoyed it back then To my surprise, the author, who found my review on it back then, e mailed me to let me know that this second book had just been released and offered me a free ebook of it This book continues the story of the first, about orphan girl Elowen and her fight against the oppression of the Mother Church.Once again, I enjoyed this book, and it was nice to be able to return to the world and the characters again It didn t have quite the same fairy tale surreality that the first book had, which made me take some small issues I otherwise might have been able to set aside I wasn t as fond of the characters this time, largely because they didn t seem to be growing in the way I would expect, given what they go through

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