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The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross S T A Study Of The Nature And Origins Of Christianity Within The Fertility Cults Of The Ancient Near EastProfessor Allegro Univ Of Manchester Has Hitherto Been Known For His Several Excellent Books On The Dead Sea Scrolls In An Unusual Reversal, He Has Now Produced A Book That Will Make The Passover Plot Seem The Last Refuge Of Theological Ultra Conservatism The Thesis Of The Book Is Simple Enough Jesus Did Not Exist, The Gospels Were Are A Hoax, Christianity Is The Atavistic Vestige Of An Ancient Fertility Cult In Which The Object Of Worship Was A Peculiarly Phallic Mushroom, Amanita Muscaria, Capable Of Producing Psychedelic Reactions As Farfetched As All This May Seem, It Cannot Be Denied That He Has Brought To This Work The Same Care Scholarly Detachment That Have Characterized His Earlier, Conventional, Works He Has Made Not One Concession To The Sensational Nature Of His Thesis The Book Is, In Fact, A Demanding One, Which Presupposes In The Reader At Least A Working Knowledge Of The Ancient Semitic Tongues Of The Sciences Considered Auxiliary To Biblical Studies Only The Most Determined Non Professional Iconoclast Will Be Willing To Wade Through His Unrelenting Jargon None Of Which, Of Course, Will Affect The Demand For What Is Probably To Become A Very Controversial Work Kirkus Edited

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    For such a dry book, this one really got my imagination going Allegro is the philologist who translated The Dead Sea Scrolls After initial acclaim, he was ostracized for ca

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    Wow John Marco Allegro was the only non Catholic member to help translate The Dead Sea Scrolls, and when he found the Sumerian glyphs that represented mushrooms and peered deeper int

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    Heavy going and really this man is a scholar The fact is it ended his career because people prefer a simple lie to a complicated truth.I thought the book was astounding.

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    One day people will look back on this book and realize that it was the beginning of the revelation of the true history of RELIGION and Christianity one day.

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    When taking my first Hebrew Scriptures course, our professor, Grinnell College Chaplain Dennis Haas began a lecture with a display of this book, saying how he had been shocked by its thesis that the roots of Juda

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    In this book, the author goes back to the roots of civilization in Sumeria to trace the use of psychedelic mushrooms as tools for divine revelation, and breaks down the original language of the Bible to show, among other t

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    I picked this up at a garage sale, TG I didn t pay very much for it I later found out that this book was the downfall of Allegro and ruined his professional reputation The man was a brilliant ancient linguist, but really went off th

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    Whatcan I say about this book that hasn t been written This book is a classic, and the 40th anniversary edition of this book is a real gem, if only for the essay at the end by Professor Carl A P Ruck The book s basic argument is that the bibl

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    Astoundingly absurd The quest to find references to the amanita muscaria in Sumerian hidden in the Greek text of the New Testament must have originated in a little personal testing of the mushroom.

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    I have been a fan of Allegro for some time so I was already aware of his theories before reading this book I did enjoy it, but some parts were a struggle to get through, especially the many Sumerian and Semitic names for fungus I believe there is a lot of truth

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