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Untouched Queen by Royal Command He Must Choose A Queen But Will His Desire Outweigh His Duty King Augustus Is Shocked When His Country Delivers Him A Courtesan The Only Way To Set Her Free Is To Marry Someone Else But Sera S Surprising Innocence And Undisguised Yearning For Him Is Temptation Itself, Pushing Augustus S Legendary Self Control To The Limits Because Augustus Knows That If He Dares Give In To His Attraction, He Won T Rest Until Sera Becomes His Queen Feel The Heat In This Tale Of Innocence And Desire

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 4.5 STARS.The cute doggy agrees with me This book was so amazing that I had to amend my book review of The Spaniard s Stolen Bride but it actually did This novel drew me in from the first page of the prologue, which showed the adolescent H touring the abandoned chambers that housed the courtesa

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    The heroine is part of a secret, powerful organization of courtesans who wield influence from behind the throne of many countries She is supposed to be a benevolent presence in the hero s life until he takes a wife Hero is ruler of a made up country that was also featured in the book before this one, which was about his sister.There are some elements I really loved in the story

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    She was my dream heroine incredibly beautiful, smart, intelligent, well educated, has compassion and martial arts expert She was not queen till the ene but untouched as the title indicated He was not cruel but morally strict view spoiler Lord knows I didn t ask for you, but you ve come here labelled as my courtesan and I will cut the hand off anyone who touches you No kissing No sex

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here As we all probably know by now, sex sells Particularly exotic sex set in a mystical semi surreal setting that completely invokes the sense of an odalisque in a magic harem mystique Lots and lots of erotica has been done with exactly that theme For the most part, KH has managed to push classic tropes of HPland

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    This book has a prologue AND an epilogue That alone brought me untold joy I love the peek into the story at the start and the happily ever after bit at the end Harlequin s rarely have prologue and epilogues any That alone earned this book winning marks Then the prologue grabbed me by the um bits and pulled me willingly into the the story It was fabulous A great start to the book and it just i

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    He must choose a queen But will his desire outweigh his duty King Augustus is shocked when his country delivers him a courtesan The only way to set her free is to marry someone else But Sera s surprising innocence and undisguised yearning for him is temptation itself, pushing Augustus s legendary self control to the limits Because Augustus knows that if he dares give in to his attraction, he won t

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    This has an utterly ridiculous premise secret society of courtesans has an accord with a kingdom and presents an unmarried King with a courtesan of his own since he s an adult and not married in accordance with the accords and then they fall in love , but you know what, I dug it The fighting against desire was hot and the hero tried so hard to be respectful of the power he had over her and it was kind

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    Didn t like it don t know why

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I feel utterly schizophrenic after reading this one as I really enjoyed it and yet also found myself disapproving of aspects of it Ivy H does her usual, brilliant job in her review, so I am not going to attempt to compete I suggest you read Ivy H s review for its wonderful descriptions, analysis and illustrations, including the fabul

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    A very strong powerful heroine from the get go who gives the reluctant hero the chance to grow at his own pace and knows just what buttons to push A wonderful read.

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