[Epub] ❥ Magical Imaginations By Andrew Cliffe – Turboville.co.uk

Magical Imaginations This Play Centres Around Four Main Characters Marvin, Jonesy, Linda And Michelle Who All Work At A Double Glazing Firm Marvin And Linda Were Happily Married Until A Huge Argument, Resulted In Marvin Being Slapped By Linda, Putting Their Marriage On The Rocks Michelle Is A Very Introverted Person, Who Is Very Straight Talking And Officious Chameleon Is An Elf Who Creates Mischief In The World The World Revolves Around Imagination Michelle Ultimately Has To Make A Choice Between Closing Events Down Or Letting Them Continue Michelle Has Realized, She Will Lose Her Inner Character If She Finishes What She Has Started With Humour Throughout, This A Comedy And A World About Fantasy

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