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Enamored Totally AmazingI have fallen in love with all of these stories and I cannot help but read them over and over again Everything with these stories bring you right into the lives of the Sinclairs But you soon learn that the other people around them have lives too.There is always excitement and someone is always getting possessive, jealous, angry, or falling in love We always know it will be happy at the end, but the drama in the middle still keeps you guessing until the end.You cannot help but fall in love yourself.Until Next Time Tabi What a fantastic, emotional book this is, I couldn t stop reading Riley fights with Seth over some property, she s a lawyer that protects endangered species He doesn t want to lose communicating with her, could he be falling for her They have so much chemistry between them This book really got to me, I was crying so hard over her past Loved how patient Seth was They help each other heal, and become so close and spend all their time together Something happens and she retreats, but thankfully there s a very happy ever after I can t wait to read Noah s story which is next I received an advanced readers copy through NetGalley and I highly recommend this book. Another phenomenal book by J.S Scott At the end of book two in the Accidental billionaires series I knew this series would be a winner and that Riley and Seth were going to be next Seth and Riley are in an ongoing legal battle about a piece of property that Seth wants to develop, but Riley as an environmental lawyer is trying to protect the wildlife that uses that land for their babies during summer Seth is reluctant to let the property go but only because he wants time with Riley and knows she will go away if he just gives in and makes the land a sanctuary Seth makes her a proposal but it unfortunately airs a lot of secrets that Riley wasn t yet ready to face about her past I love Seth and Riley and how amazing Seth is in supporting her and her decisions This book was phenomenal and should not be missed I m hoping for Noah s story next as I feel he needs to find some love Thank you to J.S Scott, Netgalley and Montlake the publisher for my advanced copy for which I leave my honest review. Loving this seriesLove the new Sinclair s Intense emotional broken heart stopping love story of Seth and Riley Ready for I have a big cheesy smile on my face after finishing this lovely and addicting story JS Scott thank you so much for bringing Seth to us, he is simply the most perfect book boyfriend I ve ever met and he s someone that every girl could only dream of And girl can dream, right This is my first ever book read by JS Scott, and as always I was reluctant trying new to me author, but I m not a bit disappointed Her writing style is beautiful and luring and I fell in love with main characters and the story plot got my attention from the very first pages of the book.This is the third book in Accidental billionaires series, and while it could be read as a stand alone or is recommended to read in the order for a better back story This story makes me feel that the other books in series are equally awesome and I m definitely going to keep my eye on the next one, which I believe will give us Noah s HEA.Enamoured is the enemies to lovers story Seth is a hot as hell businessman with big development plans on the land that Riley, the environmental lawyer, is fighting to conserve for the endangered species The chemistry between them sparks from the first time they met and while Seth is willing to do anything to win Riley s attention, Riley is reluctant to keep it all professional and at the arm s length Not because she doesn t like Seth, actually she likes him tad bit too much to her liking, but because Riley has past demons to fight and deal with before she could have some room for love in her life.The agreement they make and the effort and commitment it will cost them to keep both sides happy is the topic of this addicted and delightful story This book is packed with camaraderie and banter between both of them, the chemistry and lust they feel to each other and the struggles they face in order to find their HEA.It s a touching, angsty and containing some sensitive topic story that will keep you captivated and intrigued until the very last page. Enad Accidental Billionaires Series 3JS Scotthttps www.facebook.com authorjsscott Release date 10 15 2019Publisher Montlake RomanceBlurb Like his brothers and sisters, Seth Sinclair went from blue collar to billionaire overnight, and he s decided to invest in what he knows best construction There s only one thing in his way the endangered birds nesting on a piece of prime beachfront real estate And fighting for the birds is Riley Montgomery, a stubborn, pain in the ass, drop dead gorgeous environmental lawyer The worst part Seth will do anything to keep her around even if it means hiring her to be his fake girlfriend.With a cause to fight for, Riley agrees to Seth s scheme If she keeps the superficial women away from Seth, then he ll leave the wildlife sanctuary alone But pretending to be his girlfriend comes with ground rules No ass grabbing And absolutely no sex Ever The problem The sexual tension sizzles when they re together.Seth isn t so keen on Riley s rules, but he ll keep his word, at least until she decides otherwise But bringing Riley into his circle has brought her past back to haunt her in ways that neither of them expected Now it s less about broken rules and about broken hearts, and Seth will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.My review Can a relationship beginning as a fake one has a chance when one party is running away from any engagementWhen I came back to read romance again after a big hole of over ten years, Mrs J.J Scott was one of the few of the contemporary authors to catch my eyes, I loved her Sinclairs and Walker series.Since I have distanced a bit about billionaires romance as I do prefer their historical counterpart but when I saw this new release, I was tempted.What I like about Mrs Scott s heroes is they are all respectful men, they are the ones to save the day but they are not also flawless as they are a bit on the alpha side, you Jane, me Tarzan Seth knows from the beginning what he wants and since he has met Riley, it is her, so he uses his property as leverage to get closer to her.He never had a real relationship as his today s life until recently was only centered about putting food on the table and help his younger siblings to go to college.So when he meets the woman who does see him as a bank account or a piece of meat for a bit of fun, he is lost to her.But Riley is still recovering from the abuses of her past, she is in counseling to help her face and accept what wounded her deeply So when Seth lands in her life, she is far from ready for an affair as she still deals with the aftermaths of her previous relationship.And Seth would not be a Sinclair if he did not go after the woman he knows in his guts is for him.In spite of the difficult topic about child abuse, it is no dark read, as the author underlines the wounds it leaves in the life of the victims But with comprehensive and loving people, if given the chance to have some around, it is easier to heal, and speech is an important part in the healing process.A sweet fast paced read with a caring alpha and his other half in need of his support.4.5 starsI was granted through Netgalley by the publisher Montlake an advance copy I also preordered my own.Here is my true and unbiased opinion.https www.facebook.com 429830134272 Enad by J S Scott is book Three in the Accidental Billionaires Series This is the story of Seth Sinclair and Riley Montgomery I have read and Loved the previous books and I do feel that added to my enjoyment of this story but feel you could make this a standalone book if you wish to do so Seth has land that endangered birds are on that he has been thinking about developing into something else since he was originally into construction business But Riley is out to change his mind about that Seth did meet Riley briefly in the last book and Riley has become a friend of his sister who also into saving animals and the earth But Seth is attracted to Riley and he knows that he wants her so he goes forward to make a deal with her that he will not develop the land if she pretends to be his girlfriend to keep other women from throwing themselves at him until things die down I am a big fan of Ms Scott s writing so this was a must read for me. Enad is the third book in the series Accidental Billionaires by J.S.Scott This is another very steamy story about Seth, the second oldest brother of the Sinclair s that were the second family to a bigamist Billionaire father Seth and his siblings are new Billionaires after growing up struggling to make ends meet Seth is the CEO of Sinclair Property Inc., a Contractor looking to build on a piece of property that has gotten the attention of his sister Jade and lawyer Riley Montgomery, champion of endangered wildlife Jade is trying to persuade Seth to turning it into a wildlife refuge Riley has spent the summer in a legal battle with Seth to try to save the endangered birds on this piece of land.Seth has already decide to create the wildlife refuge for his sister Jade but he loves sparing with Riley and he is trying to find a way to be able to spend time with her Seth decides to enter into agreement with Riley for her to spend time with Seth at some of the high society parties so he can actually make contacts with other investors for his business instead of being overwhelmed by the women newly attracted to him due to his recent increase in his bank account But what Riley doesn t know is that Seth is so attracted to her he would do anything to just spend time with her Riley agrees to this contract with Seth in exchange for saving the endangered birds What will happen as Seth and Riley get to know each other How will Seth handle knowing that Riley grew up with this elite circle of high society people Will Riley able to be around the people who have only judged her and been critical of her for years Will Riley and Seth even have a chance at a real relationship or will their insecurities keep them apart I really enjoyed this story and love the series I was grateful for an advanced copy to read in exchange for an honest review This was a very quick read I found myself wanting to know what happens next This is a very steamy story. Another wonderful story from J S Scott.I loved this book as much as the others in this series,Seth and Riley both have had alot to overcome in their lives and both prove they are so much than their bank balances They make a lovely pair.Fun, steamy and gripping.Absolutely can t wait for Noah s book now I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own. ALL IT TAKES IS A LITTLE FRICTION TO TURN UP THE HEAT IN THE THIRD ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES NOVEL BY NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR J.S SCOTT.Like His Brothers And Sisters, Seth Sinclair Went From Blue Collar To Billionaire Overnight, And He S Decided To Invest In What He Knows Best Construction There S Only One Thing In His Way The Endangered Birds Nesting On A Piece Of Prime Beachfront Real Estate And Fighting For The Birds Is Riley Montgomery, A Stubborn Pain In The Ass, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Environmental Lawyer The Worst Part Seth Will Do Anything To Keep Her Around Even If It Means Hiring Her To Be His Fake Girlfriend.With A Cause To Fight For, Riley Agrees To Seth S Scheme If She Keeps The Superficial Women Away From Seth, Then He Ll Leave The Wildlife Sanctuary Alone But Pretending To Be His Girlfriend With Ground Rules No Ass Grabbing And Absolutely No Sex EVER The Problem The Sexual Tension SIZZLES When They Re Together.Seth Isn T So Keen On Riley S Rules, But He Ll Keep His Word, At Least Until SHE Decides Otherwise But Bringing Riley Into His Circle Has Brought Her Past Back To Haunt Her In Ways That Neither Of Them Expected Now It S Less About Broken Rules And About Broken Hearts, And Seth Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect The Woman He Loves This Is The Third Book In The American Billionaires Series Seth Sinclair S Story 2019 J.S Scott P 2019 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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J.S Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance She s an avid reader of all types of books and literature Writing what she loves to read, J.S Scott writes both contemporary erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can t seem to write them any other way Please v

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