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Honor's Promise Honor S Promise By Sharon Sala Released On Oct , Is Available Now For Purchase

10 thoughts on “Honor's Promise

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    Honor s PromiseVery enjoyable book The storyline was an interesting one I love the way the heroine seems to be so strong and doesn t take crud from anyone.

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    Honor is an indignant twat at the beginning, but if you can push past that it s pretty good Sala s older work is a bit dated and flowery, hyperbolic vows and proclamations of love after only a few days, etc But it s also entertaining I usually know what I m in for with

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    If you care about plot, characters and good writing I would suggest you stay clear of this romance Insta love is the better sin this book has, the rest is really worse.The book is only 1 though, you can decide on your own

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    It s good Even though I was expecting fordrama, I enjoyed it Look forward to read another book by this author.

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    This early Sala story has a man and woman destined to meet He is the second in command at a large Denver corporation she is the mystery woman mentioned in an important letter to his boss, the patriarch of a shrinking family.The woman is beautiful and intriguing The man is intrigued and reluctant to

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    The most ridiculous story I ve ever read So many unreal parts to the situations I laughed from the stupidity of it all When one lives in the mountains anywhere, one has a rifle to go exploring noises in the basement along with a flashlight The sex was an Edith Bunker after three glasses of wine trying to exp

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    Suspense and so much There is nothingsuspenseful than Sharon s stories The love and adventures keeps a person glued to the end I have never been able to stop until I finish an entire book.

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    Sharon Sala is another of my fav authors I ve been reading her books for years and always enjoy them I recently added several of her books to my Kindle and am reading them every chance I get.

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    Loved itFast paced but couldn t put it down till I finished Have all her books now Reminds me of how strong my daughters are.

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