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A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years: 1917-1932 Now In Paperback The Third Volume Of John Richardson S Magisterial Life Of Picasso Here Is Picasso At The Height Of His Powers In Rome And Naples, Producing The Sets And Costumes

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    One does not read this book, one lives with it, and does so in the manner of having to live with an intelligent, proud, once actively engaged but now pass artist uncle The text is huge in understanding, so illuminating as to be bl

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    Not nearly as interesting, either from the artistic point of view, nor from the gossipy though that is the strength here as the first two volumes Richardson was 83 when the book came out, and we still await vol 4.

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    This is rich, grand biography It s the 3d volume of Richardson s monumental biography of the iconic artist As well as being satisfyingly detailed about Picasso himself, Richardson, in relating the course of the life, has to necessarily explain those

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    Picasso believed that only supreme graphic mastery could enable an artist to break every conceivable rule and, if he wanted to, draw as badly that is to say as instinctively as he liked When Picasso does any pointillism, it is in fact to create fake surfaces s

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    Of the three, this volume was the least gripping and revelatory for me Not just because it chronicles his deep dive into the monied, bourgeois lifestyle that came during these years, but because this seems to accentuate a subtle catty, score settling tone in a lot of Ri

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    A great achievement Of course this is an indispensable book and I highly recommend it I have already praised the first two volumes and this third one does not disappoint A final volume is said to have been finished before Richardson s death, but as far as I can tell it has not ye

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    From the end of World War I and Picasso s continued exploration of cubism, his engagement with Diaghilev and other pioneers of modernism in dance and theatre, his marriage of the modern with the classical, and his revolutionary work as a sculptor, volume three of Richardson s comprehenisve

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    Rich indeed, Mr Richardson, incredibly rich I would like to live like a pauper with lots of money Picasso, p 385

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    This book is so well researched that Richardson could have made it boring and too heavy, but luckily he is an excellent writer art historian who perfectly weaves hilarious stories in with expert analysis and new approaches to in famous works by Picasso The stories and letters feature Picasso dueling with the

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    John Richardson was introduced to Picasso in the 1950s, and that firsthand knowledge of the man and his work buttresses the third volume of this monumental study Richardson exhibits not only a stunning grasp of the artist s profession, including the iconography, languages, and influences, but also an understanding of h

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