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A Life of Picasso (Vol 3) Now In Paperback The Third Volume Of John Richardson S Magisterial Life Of Picasso Here Is Picasso At The Height Of His Powers In Rome And Naples, Producing The Sets And Costumes

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    One does not read this book, one lives with it, and does so in the manner of having to live with an intelligent, proud, once actively engaged but now pass artist uncle The text is huge in understanding, so illuminating as to be bl

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    This is rich, grand biography It s the 3d volume of Richardson s monumental biography of the iconic artist As well as being satisfyingly detailed about Picasso himself, Richardson, in relating the course of the life, has to necessarily expl

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    Picasso believed that only supreme graphic mastery could enable an artist to break every conceivable rule and, if he wanted to, draw as badly that is to say as instinctively as he liked When Picasso does any pointillism, it is in fact to create fake

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    From the end of World War I and Picasso s continued exploration of cubism, his engagement with Diaghilev and other pioneers of modernism in dance and theatre, his marriage of the modern with the classical, and his revolutionary work as a sculptor, volume three

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    This book is so well researched that Richardson could have made it boring and too heavy, but luckily he is an excellent writer art historian who perfectly weaves hilarious stories in with expert analysis and new approaches to in famous works by Picasso The stories and l

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    John Richardson was introduced to Picasso in the 1950s, and that firsthand knowledge of the man and his work buttresses the third volume of this monumental study Richardson exhibits not only a stunning grasp of the artist s profession, including the iconography, languages, and in

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    This is a wonderful book It traces Picasso s life and work through WWI, the death of Guillaume Apollinaire, and through his first marriage The writing is remarkable again, Richardson knew Picasso and mixed his conversations with the artist with research documents He interleaves Picasso s l

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    Style after style, after style, after style original b boy When it comes to style masters of the time and as someone who always votes for the innovator rather than the person seeking the limelight I mof a Matisse fan, but that sabout his thinking than his art always had Picasso in awe and chasing On

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    This is the third book in the seminal biography of Pablo Picasso, written by John Richardson.I think most people feel that the most exciting book is the first The early years 1881 1906 The Cubist period...

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    I ve just begun to read, in advance of a visit to VMFA s Picasso exhibit Among other things, it totally explains the plot of Baz Luhrman s Moulin Rouge , by fleshing out the relations between artistic troupes and European aristocracy Picasso was commissioned to design costumes an...

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