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Feels Like the First Time Zoe Gaston Needs To Unmask A Mystery Man For Work She Also Must Survive Her Dreaded High School Reunion And The Costume Party That Opens It So Zoe, Once Voted Girl Most Likely To Die A Virgin, Comes Dressed As A Leather Clad Dominatrix Whip And All Her Scandalous Costume Catches A Secret Lover He Seems So Deliciously Familiar Under His Disguise He S Gotta Be Her Long Ago Crush.But Zoe Is Shocked To Discover The Sexy Body She S Been So Thoroughly Enjoying Belongs To Dexter Drake Her Oldest Friend And He S Hiding Something Bigger Than Just His Identity. Passionate, engaging and sweet A really good read. Wow, the sex scenes in this book were very, very steamy I didn t expect HQ Blaze novels to venture into light bondage and stuff like that, but I should have seen it coming when I found out that the heroine wears a dominatrix costume to go to her high school reunion party That was all good, but the story as a whole didn t work too well for me.My biggest problem was its high school vibe all the characters in this book, from the geeky hero and the angsty heroine to the arrogant football jock and the jealous cheerleader, acted like they were still in their teens and not in their late twenties, and I didn t care for it Dex was sexy but too needy for my taste, Zoe was nice but too hung up on her dreadful high school years, and I felt that their relationship was unbalanced his love was stronger than hers My favorite character in the stor Zoe Gaston had hated high school So why is she back in Idaho for her ten year reunion Well, her brother is trying to make it in the platform business and to do that he needs something exclusively tied to his product to compete with the big dogs He s thinking of a video game and the most popular video game designer, pseudonym Gandalf the Wizard, appears to had gone to the same school as Zoe and even used her in his first game.Zoe s mission go to the reunion, discover Gandalf s identity, and ask him to work for her brother.Easier said than done Absolutely no one know who Gandalf is, she still hates high school, and she severely dislikes everybody from that time period Everybody except her best friend, Dexter Drake And this reunion is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with Dex Though their friendship might be at risk, because Dex has turned into a hottie that inspired rather unfriendly thoughts in ZoeAnd there s also the issue of a masked hunk that had cornered her in the darkened garden.So, not only is Zoe s only friendship at stakes because of the untimely lust, but she happens to lust after two men at the same timeOr is she There are no words to express just how much I loved this story I always enjoy reading high school reunion stories while dreading my own that s coming up soon , but I Steamy blindfold sex..HOT HOT HOT

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