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Morte A Credito, Pubblicato Nel , Il Secondo Romanzo Di C Line, Che Nelle Sue Pagine Ritorna Alla Propria Infanzia E Adolescenza Cresciuto In Un Atmosfera Soffocante E Carica D Odio, Illuminata Solo Dalle Presenze Della Nonna Caroline E Dello Zio Eduard, Il Giovane Ferdinand Racconta Le Proprie Esperienze Familiari, Turistiche, Scolastiche, Erotiche E Di Lavoro Morte a credito

About the Author: Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Louis Ferdinand C line, pen name of Dr Louis Ferdinand Destouches, is best known for his works Voyage au bout de la nuit Journey to the End of the Night , and Mort cr dit Death on the Installment Plan His highly innovative writing style using Parisian vernacular, vulgarities, and intentionally peppering ellipses throughout the text was used to evoke the cadence of speech.Louis Ferdinand Destouches was raised in Paris, in a flat over the shopping arcade where his mother had a lace store His parents were poor father a clerk, mother a seamstress After an education that included stints in Germany and England, he performed a variety of dead end jobs before he enlisted in the French cavalry in 1912, two years before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 While serving on the Western Front he was wounded in the head and suffered serious injuries a crippled arm and headaches that plagued him all his life but also winning a medal of honour Released from military service, he studied medicine and emigrated to the USA where he worked as a staff doctor at the newly build Ford plant in Detroit before returning to France and establishing a medical practice among the Parisian poor Their experiences are featured prominently in his fiction.Although he is often cited as one of the most influential and greatest writers of the twentieth century, he is certainly viewed as a controversial figure After embracing fascism, he published three antisemitic pamphlets, and vacillated between support and denunciation of Hitler He fled to Germany and Denmark in 1945 where he was imprisoned for a year and declared a national disgrace He then received amnesty and returned to Paris in 1951 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Henry Miller, William Burroughs, and Charles Bukowski have all cited him as an important influence.Translated Profiles

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    Mort a Credit Death on Credit Death on the Installment Plan, Louis Ferdinand C line 1894 1961 Death on Credit French Mort cr dit , US translation Death on the Installment Plan, is a novel by author Louis Ferdinand C line, published in 1936 In Death on Credit, Ferdinand, C line s alter ego, is a doctor in Paris, treating the poor who seldom pay him but take every advantage of his availability The action is not contin

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    When we immerse ourselves in a novel, the page becomes a kind of looking glass that allows us to step into the fictional space, and out of every day life The words on the page are the alchemy that allows this to happen but only if they are chosen and arranged in a way that appeals to our individual reading tastes If they don t appeal, we readers get stuck on our own side of the looking glass, and we can only view the c

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    In C line s Death on the Installment Plan, scornful young Ferdinand unenthusiastically lugs readers along on the series of farcical mis adventures also known as his childhood We encounter monstrously preposterous characters and stories with varying dimensions of outlandish implausibility And through it all, we end up sympathizing completely with his disgust, contempt, frustration, and underlying disappointment For althoug

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    Relentless, unforgiving, morbid, histrionic, hilarious, insufferable, in permanent fear of a full clause, miserable, depressing, sick mindedthis pell mell assault on taste and the universe pirouettes along its two billion ellipses and nine zillion exclamation points into a world of squalor and shit and the doldrums of being a French peasant at the dawn of modernism C line takes the kitchen sink horror of Zola and reinstates

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    As soon as things begin to look up a little, all people can think of is piggishness Louis Ferdinand C line is a virtuoso of explicit narration, a prodigy of grotesque and a czar of cynicism You re working too hard You re a sap You think they appreciate it If you knock yourself out, who s going to take care of you Not your boss, I bet Buy me a menthe, kid I ll sing you The Girl from Mostaganem It ll drive you crazy, you ll see F

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    Read this and Journey to the End of the Night around the same time, so to me it felt like two novels in one, as his writing style is pretty much the same in both apart from the odd small difference Here in Death on Credit we have the obscene and the vulgar infused with the proust esque poetic vision of Journey, and I have to say this came close to being as good as Journey, but for me Journey is still my favourite Death on Credit t

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    If you haven t been through that you ll never know what obsessive hatred really smells likethe hatred that goes through your guts, all the way to your heartReal hatred comes from deep down, from a defenseless childhood crushed with work That s the hatred that kills you There ll beof it, so deep and thick there will always be some left, enough to go aroundIt will ooze out over the earthand poison it, so nothing will grow but viciousn

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    Pure unadulterated brilliance Celine is one of those few authors one comes across whose genius makes one appreciate life, art, and the great fortune one has to be able to experience it Celine s writings are like a dark gem shining blackly in a sea of mediocre banality Celine manages to mix severe misanthropy, pessimism, violent disgust with life and humanity with hilarity Easily one of the best books I ve ever read as well as one of the

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    C line hates with the intensity, the narrowness, and the purity of the Large Hadron Collider s accelerated particles It is not comfortable to encounter this in my old age I was receptive to it in my own Age of Rage, though, and was well served by reading the bitter and bilious thing then.If you haven t been here before middle age, I wouldn t advise making the trip.

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    What an asshole What a pig What a bigot But jesus, can he write This is a good one to pick up and just read passages from anywhere then set down when you just can t take it any.

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